A MA MANIERE × AJ 5 "Photon Dust" is coming soon

Oct 13, 2023 39 0
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Recently, the joint color matching of A MA MANIERE and Air Jordan 5 "Photon Dust" is about to be released. The popularity of the AJ1-AJ4 joint shoes has made A Ma Maniére quickly break out of the circle and become famous in the fashion circle. And what do you think this time?

The embroidered lining with the AMM logo printed all over and the AMM-style shoe box were exposed for the first time. With the white and blue color combination and the old style, this pair of AJ5 is likely to break the circle. The entire pair of shoes uses the overall main colors of white and yellow, with blue and black embellishments, which is very retro and has an autumn atmosphere. The leather used has a delicate texture, and I have to say that the AJ5 is still handsome.

It is expected to be officially released on November 22nd. Friends who like AMM and Jordan should not miss it~

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