Invite with prizes

一、Invite friends to register

1、Invite 3 people.Get a $5 discount coupon
2、Invite 7 people. Get a $15 discount coupon
3、Invite 15 people.Get a $25 discount coupon
4、Invite 29 people. Get a pair of YEEZY slippers
5、Invite 49 people.Get a one-time half-price coupon
6、Invite 99 people.Get a free product

二、Invite friends to place orders

1、For every order you invite, you can use the order number to get 5% of the order amount back in cash. Each order number can only be used once.

2、Cumulative times reward
①Invite 1 orders. Get a $10 discount coupon
②Invite 2 orders. Get a $20 discount coupon
③Invite 3 orders. Get a pair of YEEZY slippers
④Invite 4 orders. Get $60 cash
⑤Invite 5 orders.Get a free product
                                                                                                                    Activity Rules
一、In the "Invite friends to register" activity, send the email address registered by your friend to customer service. Each email address will be counted once.

二、In the "Invite friends to place orders" activity, send the order number to customer service. There are two activities in "Invite    friends to place orders". One order number can only participate in one activity.

三、Rewards from the "Invite friends to place orders" event will be distributed the day after the event ends.

四、Sale time: April 25th - June 25th