Our Story

EMsneaker is a shoe factory with a long history. In 1989, a number of sports shoe production lines were introduced to process international brands such as "Jordan", Nike" and "Adidas".
- From 1989 to 2008, the average annual output of sports shoes exceeded 30 million pairs.
- During this period, we accumulated a large amount of shoemaking technology and formed production specifications for the entire process from raw materials to finished products, so we are able to provide customers with high-quality products at lower ex-factory prices.
- Before 2022, we provided high-quality products to sellers of replica sneakers and won many praises from sellers due to our strict production system.

Our Products

- In 2023, we opened the EMsneaker.com replica shoe store and started the replica shoe B2C business.
- EMsneaker's shoes are made of top-quality original materials, such as Sadisa leather material designated by Nike or Addida, O'Sleere insoles, Coats sewing thread, original ZOOM air cushion, and original Vietnamese tongue Oxford cloth.